Day 2: Relax & Recharge

After an incredibly busy first day in Taipei/Zhongli, we needed to recharge. We both slept in till about noon and had an easy morning. We made plans for lunch then walked to a small restaurant a couple blocks away. What was on the menu? Fried rice.img_5127

This bad boy was served with an omelet on top, drizzled with a thick tomato sauce. The omelet basically acted as a blanket for the fried rice, keeping all of the steamy goodness inside. We also got a side of veggies that were lightly sautéed in oil and garlic. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m somewhat picky about what I eat and usually ask lots of questions – not here! I’m trying to be adventurous and simply try things before I’ve had a chance to think about them for too long. I tried the veggie dish and loved it! I’m growing up. Is this what being an adult is like?

After breakfast, we walked around Zhongli checking out all of the local clothing shops. Naturally, we had to get bubble tea. What we call boba at home, they call bubble tea here. If you ask someone if they want to get boba, they’ll look at you like you’re a weirdo. So just save yourself and call it bubble tea from now on.

img_5128From what I could understand, this was a build-your-own bubble tea dealio. Since everything in this country has a ridiculous amount of added sugar, I wanted to go a more natural route. I ordered a honey milk tea with small boba. The girl looked at me and said, “How much sugar?” I said, “None please.” She thought I was crazy but she made it how I asked. It was delicious too! I feel like I’m saying everything I’ve had has been delicious, well, it has. Maybe it’s because my friend won’t let me order anything that I won’t like. Regardless, today was basically a day about food and relaxation.

Once we were done consuming food and window shopping, we headed to Nick’s school where he teaches an English class. I was their guest speaker and told them a little about myself, where I’m from, and why I’m visiting him. He wanted them to have some experience in listening to a native speaker to help aid them in learning English. I tried to speak slowly, I did. But I never seem to speak slow enough when giving a speech in front of a class. They were all very patient, asked lots of questions, and were so much fun to talk to! I didn’t get any pictures with them, but I did get a pano of the view from the building we were in.


Can you see how industrial this place is?!

img_5132After class, we had beef noodle soup from a place nearby. It had all different chunks of beef in it including tendon and some other cuts I’d never seen before. While I couldn’t bring myself to eat the tendon, everything else in the bowl was delicious. Perfect since we’ve been experiencing a ton of rain! It warmed up right up and put me right to sleep. Had to rest up and get ready for the adventures we’d planned for Sunday, my last day in Taiwan before I head out to Hong Kong. I’m loving this visit and can’t wait for the next two countries to visit!

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